Analog vs. Digital

  • In case of a traditional method of illustration, one has to put a lot of effort and time. It is not so easy to master the art skills which usually take quite many years to be able to create an artwork with perfection.
  • And not to forget the tools used for traditional illustrations such as pens, paints, colors, brushes etc. which requires maintenance. Also, you cannot achieve many outputs in a day. And even the traditional artwork has to be maintained and protected from the environmental effects.
  • Whereas in case of digital illustrations, it comparatively requires lesser time and effort for creating a piece of art. It doesn’t require many years to learn how to create a digital art. There are courses available which are usually for a short duration that can help one to get started with digital illustrations.
  • The tools for a digital illustration require the least maintenance. And you get lot more options for colors and choose the exact shade that you are looking for. Once you expertise as a digital illustrator, you will be able to create quite many outputs within a day.
  • The best part about digital illustrator is there is nothing to worry about the environmental effects. Thus, one can easily preserve this for a long time at the least maintenance.
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There are various tools that can be used for digital illustration. When we say tools it should not be.

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